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25, Taur, Россия, Москва
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Detalii importante ale atomiccat
Preferinţă sexualăHetero
Înălţime>160 cm - 170 cm
Greutate45 - 55 kg
LimbiRusă, Franceză
Păr pubianRasa
Ce mă excită
Мозг и богатая фантазия !
Despre mine
Im an unusual woman, my dreams come true!
Ce îmi displace
Многое мне не нравиться, но я готова к компромиссам :)
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atomiccat Hello custom pic 1 atomiccat Hello image: 2

living the dream mood Sticker by

Welcome to my world of dreams, warmth and love!

When people see me they ask me how I can be so graceful and loving, but it is.

I am very sensitive, sensual,sociable. I love interesting interlocutors. With me you can discuss any problems and agree.

Despite my appearance, I am very simple)

I will be glad to communicate

With love, yours atomiccat~

I love cats! Purr~

Rexie: I came in like a goofy boi ð¶ð #TongueOutTuesday ðThat uh - oh moment when your gravity test results come out positive. And sound ðð¶ #AndYouUsedBreakables #GottaBlameTheDog ð #ScienceIsFunThough ð #KnockItOverBecauseYouCan ð¼ð

heir cute little fluffy tail that has a personality of its own аnd almost always high up in the air.

Their cotton-ball paws!! How can anyone resist that!? And even when their claws are out, they look like sticks coming out of tiny separated cotton balls.

they use their front paws in many ways just like a small human child. Clumsy and many times breaking things, but always trying.

Curious and distracted all the time, which makes them super funny and silly.

white cat feet Sticker

Favorite perfume

Lupin & Patchouli Cologne 

From Jo Malone's Wild Flowers and Weeds Limited Edition comes this gloriously floral fragrance. It's light, fresh and not in the least bit overpowering thanks to a weighty base of patchouli and addition of mandarin. Top notes of lupin sit against a heart of rose.

ÐаÑÑинки по запÑоÑÑ Lupin & Patchouli Cologne

Ideal date for me

atomiccat Ideal date for me custom pic 1atomiccat Ideal date for me custom pic 2

Cozy movie evening with berries and pop corn!

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Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Nuit Blanche EDP 50 ml
Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Nuit Blanche EDP 50 ml
Emphasise your favourite webcam girl’s mysterious personality with Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Nuit Blanche fragrance! Let the famous brand help her shine like a real star!
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Material: 925 Sterling silver Stones: mother-of-pearl Colour: silver-coloured, white
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Bouquet of flowers
Bouquet of flowers
There is nothing better to make girl feel special than a romantic bouquet of beautiful flowers! Send it to the model you like the most and show her your adoration. *Our courier will deliver a bouquet of flowers right to your favorite model’s door.
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Comentarii (6)
красотка с офигенными сисями и попой!
Дорогая, поздравляю тебя с Международным женским днем! Желаю весеннего настроения, теплых отношений с родными и близкими, чистой искренней любви. Чтобы в твоей жизни получалось всё то, что ты хочешь. Внимания, заботы, трогательных моментов, душевных разговоров и встреч, приятных приобретений, развития и уверенности, реализации и востребованности, красоты, молодости, улыбок и множества всевозможных благ! Ты восхитительна! С наступающим праздником!
Parle français avec un magnifique accent, super modèle !
♥Kiss♥...........♥Kiss♥ atomiccat
Ты — моя нежность; ты — моя радость;
Ты — моё сердце; ты — моё чудо;
Обниму нежно, и с тобой буду.
I dream about vacations in paradise!

atomiccat I dream about vacations in paradise! custom pic 1

Swimming in Hoyo Azul (Blue Hole), Dominican Republic | Clear Blue Water in Punta Cana | Tropical Paradise Beach Getaways in the #caribbean | Islands Near North America #tropicalparadise #amazingplacesintheworld #dronephotographyideas #droneconcept#photoideasParadise Beaches in Sri Lanka #SriLanka

My zodiac is Taurus

atomiccat My zodiac is Taurus image: 1

My zodiac is TaurusGood looking, free and protective of the ones they love, Taurus women are also dominating and possessive. They like to take the lead and be in control, so allow your Taurus lady to be the one who is dominating in bed.

She makes love with passion and tenderness, and she is alluring and sexy when she is doing it. She prefers a partner who can see all these qualities in her.

Just like any other girl, the Taurus woman likes when her partner is paying attention to her and only to her.

When in love, the Taurus woman is caring, passionate and sensual. You need to have patience and woo her for as long as she wants you to.

She likes getting to know you better, but will only commit once she is sure of her choice. Don’t forget that Taurus people are highly devoted, so when they commit, they commit for a lifetime.

star Sticker by Chupi

I guess this music sounds good for sexy things